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LaBonde Land is a boutique real estate firm specializing in property acquisitions, residential and business relocations, and commercial leasing for local WA public agencies.  Our property brokers and staff take great pride in assisting government clients in delivering infrastructure projects such as light rail, roads and highways, utilities, pedestrian improvements, and for recreational or conservation.

The secret to our success is not just through successfully negotiating property deals but by ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, which form the foundation of our work. Furthermore, we are "people" people determined to develop and maintain positive working relationships with project stakeholders, our clients, and the community.




Established in 1992, LaBonde Land, Inc. is a niche, real-estate firm with a longstanding history in the Seattle community. We manage multi-million-dollar contracts serving public and private entities from our own back yard (the Pacific Northwest) to client offices scattered across the western US.




All our agents are licensed real estate brokers and right-of-way professionals, experienced in: property acquisition, residential and business relocation, leasing, property valuation, feasibility studies, planning, budgeting, and due diligence.




A short list of our clients includes:

  • State of Washington

  • Sound Transit

  • King County

  • General Services Administration

  • Puget Sound Energy

  • Pierce County, City of Redmond

  • City of SeaTac

  • City of Enumclaw

  • City of Bellevue

  • City of Maple Valley

  • and more...


"Just wanted to express my gratitude to both yourself and your team. Scott was especially amazing during our relocation period. I wanted to let you know that he did not only help, but exceeded my expectations. He made the transition smooth by doing his best for us while still acting in the interest of Sound Transit....We still have one more unit under relocation, but we are not afraid any more, we are in good hands."

- Relocated Business Owner, Bellevue

"Dave does not require hand holding because he has by far the most knowledge and understanding of the GSA procurement process, contract requirements and laws/regulations. He leads the meetings and when issues or questions come up he does not kick the can over to the LCO for response. He is really the best broker PM I have worked with."

- Supervisory Lease Contracting Officer, General Services Administration

"Thanks to the entire property team for being effective in working between the property owner and the technical team to keep them informed."

- Vice President, Tetra Tech Engineering


"The LaBonde personnel had the sense of urgency and professionalism to provide appropriate contacts with property owners and achieve timely progress in the acquisition of the rights needed.  I have worked with quite a few real estate consultants over time and LaBonde easily adjusted to the needs of the County and provided all of the support we required and more.....I would urge you to strongly consider using this wonderful group of professionals.  Hope you enjoy working with them as I do."


- Real Property Agent IV, King County WTD

"Dave demonstrated great depth of knowledge of all regulations and contract requirements through drafting documents, conducting negotiations, preparing letters and managing oversight. [He was] Proactive to identify issues and propose solutions throughout the life of the project."

- Lease Contracting Officer, General Services Administration

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