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Real Estate Professional | Right-of-Way Agent, Seattle WA

LaBonde Land, Inc. is an established real estate firm in Seattle seeking a real estate professional to perform a range of activities including property acquisitions for public projects, relocation assistance for displaced individuals and businesses, and lease monitoring for construction of tenant improvement build-outs. LaBonde staff are a fun group of peers who all benefit from a supportive and encouraging workplace environment. Its clients are governmental and/or quasi-governmental agencies such as Cities, Counties, and State level governments including the Washington State Dept. of Transportation. Potential candidates to join the team will possess a working knowledge of real estate transactions, negotiations, experience reviewing and clearing liens / encumbrances, and will have a positive approach to problem solving. Successful candidates will exhibit excellent written and verbal communication skills and a desire to thrive in a fast-paced team environment. A high degree of professionalism and work quality is the outcome of compassionate leadership, encouraging mentorship, and peer-to-peer collaboration. The chosen candidate to our team will have, or will soon develop, a working knowledge of the regulations which guide public projects when state or federal funding is used, particularly, the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Act of 1970, as amended. LaBonde offers a unique opportunity for accomplished professionals and those who may have experience in other areas of the real estate field.  Compensation depends on experience.

Job Description
-    Negotiate with property owners for the acquisition of land, easements, other types of property rights
-    Examine title reports, prepare recommendations, and clear encumbrances
-    Attend internal and client meetings, report on progress, make work plans, and schedules
-    Meet with displaced residential owners, tenants, and businesses to provide relocation advisory services
-    Conduct research for high level property valuations, market studies, and other analyses
-    Prepare written memorandums and obtain agency approvals
-    Maintain detailed negotiator logs, files, and documentation
-    Ensure compliance with lease requirements for design, pricing, and construction of tenant improvements
-    Frequent local travel and occasional interstate travel is required

Desired Experience / Skill Set
-    Licensed real estate broker with five (5) years of experience
-    Clear and effective written and oral communication 
-    Familiarity with and experience developing high level and/or detailed property valuations.
-    Exposure with public agencies and/or public process
-    Implementation of The Uniform Act, referenced above, or the Federal Acquisition Regulations, is a bonus
-    Plan/Design review and interpretation
-    Technical writing ability and detail oriented document preparation

Required Credentials
-    WA Real Estate Broker License
-    Driver’s License and a vehicle 
-    Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent training
-    Notary Public (desired, can be obtained after hire)
-    IRWA credentials/coursework (desired, can be obtained after hire)

Please Contact: Scott Matetich, 206-623-1633,

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