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We provide acquisition and relocation services throughout Washington State for all types of projects including transportation such as roads, highways, light rail, and bus rapid transit, utilities such as power transmission lines, and sewer lines, and other public infrastructure projects such as sidewalks, recreational trails, airports, and more. 



We perform full-service land acquisition services for municipal, institutional, federal government and private clients for all varieties of land uses, zoning types, and ownerships. LaBonde staff has successfully negotiated hundreds of property transactions voluntarily and under the threat of condemnation. Transaction types include fee simple acquisitions and easements of numerous varieties such as for slopes, utilities, temporary work areas, soil nails, tiebacks, tree removal, and many more. 


We are a licensed Washington Real Estate brokerage firm since 1992.  All our agents are licensed, current and active Washington brokers.


Our agents are helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of relocation (including the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act (as amended) as well as various lead-agencies, policies, procedures and guidelines).


We have successfully relocated hundreds of offices, retail, industrial, restaurant, manufacturing, storage, warehouse, multi-family and single-family owners and tenants.


We have also handled relocation projects for transmission towers, billboards, and utilities (including electrical sub-stations, power poles, duct banks, pipelines, water and sewer). 




LaBonde has over 20 years experience as lease negotiators with both public and private clients (such as General Services Administration, United States Postal Service, and Veterans Administration).


We typically represent tenants and therefore have no conflicts of interest. Due to our experience with public clients, we have created thorough and diligent processes.  We are skilled at identifying options, managing the solicitation process and negotiating competitive leases.

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