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LaBonde Land, Inc. is a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) by the Washington State Office of Minority and Women Owned Businesses as well as a certified Small Contractor or Supplier (SCS) by King County. We are proud of our strong ethic, integrity, and commitment to excellence. Established in 1992 by its three founders, all with backgrounds in banking and finance, the company was originally created to focus on liquidating the assets of failed savings and loans associations after the financial crisis of the late eighties - early nineties. Slowly the firm worked its way out of the job and established contracts with the US Postal Service, Veterans Administration, and the General Services Administration. In 2003, LaBonde won a prime contract with Sound Transit on its Tukwila and Airport Link Extensions performing Project Management, Acquisition, and Relocation services. What followed would be a run of nearly two decades, and counting, of performing property acquisition and relocation services for public agencies. Meanwhile, LaBonde also continues its work with the General Services Administration in delivering post-lease-award services for tenant improvement build outs for multi-million dollar government offices throughout the western United States.

In 2016, LaBonde Land, Inc. was sold to two of its long time employees who have carried the torch and expanded on the firm's portfolio with local Washington agencies. Today, the company continues to build on its a longstanding history in Seattle by expanding its clientele and its workforce.

The measure of our success at LaBonde is hinged on the motivation to always act fairly and reasonably on questions of the rights of the public and those of the taxpayer.


Our mission is to provide reliable brokerage services by delivering a skilled and professional workforce, which not only gets the job done, but routinely exceeds our clients' expectations as well as the public's. We do this by consistently focusing on deliverables, using clear and professional communication, staying on schedule, carefully managing subconsultants, and creating meaningful work relationships at every step of the way.

All LaBonde agents are licensed real estate brokers and right-of-way professionals experienced in: property acquisition, residential and business relocation, leasing, feasibility studies, budgeting, planning and due diligence.


Our mission is to create meaningful relationships and provide professional brokerage services in between government and private entities, in support of public infrastructure projects.


Our goal is to focus on the people behind the projects and to be a reliable, trustworthy source of information and facilitator.  

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